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Bolster Academy provides plug-and-play math courses and also allows teachers to create their own materials.

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Our courses


Basic Maths

Algebra, precalculus and calculus for college and university students. Contains topics ranging from numbers to differentiation and integration.



Mathematics for university students. Contains polynomials, trigonometric functions, sequences and series, differentiation and more.



Statistics for college and university students. Contains descriptive statistics, probability theory, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, data analysis and more.


Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra for college & university students. Contains vector calculus / spaces, matrices and matrix calculus, inner product spaces, and more.


Calculus for Social Sciences

Mathematics for economics students. Contains functions, differentiation, (multivariate)optimisation, focus subjects like elasticity, and more applications.


Differential Equations

Differential equations for college and university students. Contains direction fields, separation of variables, linear 1st & 2nd order ODEs, LaPlace transforms, and more.


Financial Arithmetic

Basic math skills for business economics students. Contains exponential and logarithmic growth, investment decisions, other applications and more.