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Bolster Academy is a software provider helping you create, manage and publish your own digital interactive STEM textbooks and workbooks. Learning materials created with our technology are proven to help improve learning outcomes, student motivation and teacher effectiveness.

By creating maths and science products with our technology, you are able to give every student personal help they need using mistake-specific analysis of exercises, and even provide optimized individual learning paths.

Our fully customizable learning platform helps you deliver highly personalized practice, assessment & exam preparation products based on:

  • Immediate targeted feedback on any answer attempts by students.
  • Adaptive sequencing of exercises to promote the most efficient route to mastery.
  • Learning analytics with an array of dashboards to help teachers better understand their students.
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icon Automated personalized feedback

Students deserve personal support at any time during the learning process, even if there’s none available. We therefore give students randomized open questions with helpful feedback and hints no matter their answer.

The Bolster Academy learning environment analyses the students’ input and identifies where and what the mistakes are, which enables it to automatically give them hints specific to their learning path. These students get this feedback regardless of their input; whether it’s a wrong answer or a correct step towards the answer.

This means it provides personalized learning, even with large groups. It offers students the personalised help they need while practising while allowing the teacher to focus on the creative part of teaching.

icon Build your own course

No two teachers give the exact same course. We have therefore made it easy for teachers to build the course they need using chapters, exercises, and tests.

Teachers should always be in control of their course. Creating the perfect course is as easy as dragging and dropping content from your database into your course. Teachers are then free to modify as they see fit, even on individual exercise level.

Periodic tests are an important part of the learning process, so we want teachers to be able to create and schedule tests in just a few clicks, using exercises which come straight out of the exercise material.

icon Create, share and use open content

Teachers shouldn’t be limited in which content they can use. Apart from using and editing our courses, you are supported in creating your own content, to use and share with universities worldwide, and use the content others developed.

We support teachers who choose to create content to the fullest. We offer access to the authoring environment we use as well and provide workshops, continuous support and an online global community of authors to offer help when you need it.

We believe teachers should be able to create the exercise they want and utilize a wide variety of useful features to ensure high-quality.

The content you create yourself is yours to use and share.

icon Automated testing

Our testing module creates different randomized tests for students, and even checks and grades them.

Using a large number of settings, teachers can create numerous different types of tests: diagnostic, formative, and summative. For example, you can change the window of availability, the number of attempts, the minimum passing grade, whether or not the questions are presented in a random order, or assign a password to the test.

An effective strategy is creating a test containing 5 or more questions on relevant difficulty from the practice material and giving students one week and three attempts to score as high as they can. This allows teachers to adapt classes depending on the results, identify red flags easily and on time, and it ensures students don’t lag behind while giving them clear goals and clarity.

icon Learning Analytics

Bolster Academy offers integral reporting over all facets of a course, with in-depth analyses per subsection.

As a teacher, you are able to get a quick overview of the progress and score of all of your students. You are then able to zoom in on both subchapter, topic, or even individual exercise attempts. Of course, you can also see how one individual is doing.

These learning analytics allow teachers to proactively identify red flags, and improve their teaching or curriculum design by adding more focus on a specific topic, or redesigning a component of the course.

icon Integration

Giving students access to material can happen in different ways. Teachers are always able to create a classroom access code which they can easily send to students.

It’s also possible to create an LTI-integration with your Learning Management System (LMS). This allows students to open Bolster Academy within their LMS. We also allow for grade push-back to the LMS gradebook.

Using the SURFconext integration, teachers and students only need to log in once with their institutional account to obtain secure access to Bolster Academy and the content you make available to them. So no need to remember two different usernames and passwords!

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