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Our plug-and-play-courses


Basic Maths

Good fit for introductory math courses on both university and college level. Also a good fit for high school students (upper secondary).

Contains algebra, precalculus and calculus topics ranging from numbers to differentiation and integration.



Good fit for first and second-year math courses for university STEM majors

Contains polynomials, trigonometric functions, sequences and series, differentiation and more.


Basic Statistics

Good fit for first and second-year statistics courses at both college and university level.

Contains descriptive statistics, probability theory, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, data analysis and more.


Linear Algebra

Good fit for first and second-year math courses for university STEM majors.

Contains vector calculus / spaces, matrices and matrix calculus, inner product spaces, and more.


Calculus for Social Sciences

Good fit for first-year math courses for university economics majors.

Contains functions, differentiation, (multivariate)optimisation, focus subjects like elasticity, and more applications.


Differential Equations

Good fit for first and second-year math courses for university STEM majors.

Contains direction fields, separation of variables, linear 1st & 2nd order ODEs, LaPlace transforms, and more.



Good fit for technical university or college level degree.

Basic programming course that teaches fundamental programming concepts using the Python programming language. The course includes theory and exercises that cover how to use programming concepts.


Financial Arithmetic

Good fit for first and second-year math courses for college-level business economics or finance & control majors.

Contains exponential and logarithmic growth, investment decisions, other applications and more.



Perfect fit for IB DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations Standard Level. Good fit for general upper secondary mathematics courses (ages 16-18).

Contains Numbers, Linear Formulas, Functions, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Probability and more.


Data Analysis

Introductory course data analysis with the statistical software program SPSS.

Good fit for first-year (applied) university students. Also potentially interesting as a refresher course for students writing their (bachelor) thesis.