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Transparent Pricing

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  • Unlimited access to the Bolster Academy platform
  • Unlimited access to all the Bolster Academy courses
  • Roadmap influence and development credit
  • Centralised support
  • Workshop(s) for teachers and authors
  • And many more benefits!
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Transparent Pricing

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We offer a licensing structure that will match with your business model

  • Innovative digital products that fit todays generation of learners and educators
  • A learning platform customised to your own corporate identity
  • Ownership of all created products
  • A solid and scalable hardware & hosting configuration
  • High standards in privacy and security
  • Reliable software and development partner
  • And many more benefits!
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Transparent Pricing

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Platform fee

Access to the platform

€ 5,75

Course fee

Additional fee per course

€ 7,75

Per user annually
Minimum amount of users: 250

Every plan requires the base platform fee of €5,75 to get access to the platform.

Access to courses can be purchased separately for €7,75 per course on top of the base fee.

So let’s say you want to use the platform and one of our courses, the price would be €13,50.

  • The option to create new material using the Bolster Academy author environment
  • A workshop for teachers/authors with continuing support
  • Access to the Bolster Academy authoring community
  • Updates and upgrades of the platform
  • Technical and functional support
  • Integration with LMS of your choice
  • Purchase access for your students, or have them buy access individually
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